Закон против фальшивых лекарств (The Falsified Medicines Directive действует уже год в Европе.)

Удивительно, оказывается можно вместо русского бла-бла принимать конкретные меры (http://ec.europa.eu/health/newsletter/123/focus_newsletter_en.htm). Удивитесь, но они прямо так и требуют, чтобы все лекарства производились в соответствии с GMP. И не откладывают эти свои требования на 10 лет, чтобы местная фарма пожировала.

  • First, prescription medicines will need to bear, on their outer packaging, a pack-specific number and an anti-tampering device that will allow the pharmacist to verify that the medicine is authentic and unopened before dispensing it. This will prevent falsified medicines from reaching the patients.
  • Second, the active ingredients of medicines are to be manufactured according to appropriate quality standards (“good manufacturing practice for active substances”) regardless of whether they are manufactured in the EU or imported. If imported, the country of origin has to certify that the active ingredient has been manufactured according to standards equivalent to those of the Union. These provisions ensure that only safe, high quality ingredients are used in medicines in the EU.
  • Third, legitimate online pharmacies will be identified by the same logo across the EU. The logo, when clicked, will allow the verification of the legitimacy of the pharmacy. This will allow EU citizens to make an informed choice when buying medicines over the internet.