Компьютеризация и информатизация здравоохранения во всем мире видятся важнейшим, если не основным направлением обеспечения качества медицинской помощи, исходов лечения и, возможно, даже снижения расходов.

А что говорят об эффектах информатизации исследования? Авторы оценки технологии Health Information Exchange. Prepared for: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (
» We included 136 studies overall, with 34 on effectiveness, 26 of which reported  intermediate clinical, economic, or patient outcomes, and 8 that reported on clinical perceptions  of HIE. We also found 58 studies on the use of HIE, 22 on usability and other facilitators and  barriers to actual use of HIE, 45 on facilitators or barriers to HIE implementation, and 17 on factors related to sustainability of HIE.
No studies of HIE effectiveness reported impact on primary clinical outcomes (e.g., mortality and morbidity) or identified harms. Low-quality evidence somewhat supports the value of HIE for reducing duplicative laboratory and radiology test ordering, lowering emergency department
costs, reducing hospital admissions (less so for readmissions), improving public health reporting, increasing ambulatory quality of care, and improving disability claims processing. In studies of clinician perceptions of HIE, most respondents attributed positive changes to HIE, such as
improvements in coordination, communication, and knowledge about the patient. However in one study clinicians reported that the HIE did not save time and may not be worth the cost.»

Как всегда, сохраняется надежда, что если еще постараться, еще вложить денег, то, может быть, появится и заметная польза.

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