Бен Голдакр пишет тебе: поддержи сбор полных данных об университетах в Британии — как они раскрывают данные о проведенных испытаниях лекарств.

Если это будет сделано в Британии — США и другие сделают то же. А там и Россия подтянется

Ben Goldacre and I are asking you to give this a few moments’ attention. As you have followed the AllTrials campaign, you will know about its impact. You may have been part of it, writing to politicians, donating to appeals, asking uncomfortable questions at institutions you know. You will certainly be proud of the way that AllTrials, with the support of patients and researchers all over the world, has changed laws in Europe and North America – laws that people said would not change — and caused global companies to start reporting all of their drug trial results rather than just the flattering ones. We hope you will be part of what is about to happen.

AllTrials still needs to persuade universities that they have the same responsibility to the patients they enrol in their trials. To tell them, and the trial registries and future researchers who might enrol other patients, what they found and whether anyone was harmed.

Last year the FDAAA (N. America) and EU Clinical Trials Register (EUCTR) trackers, created by Ben’s team at Oxford and launched by AllTrials, started making it possible to track which institutions are reporting and which are the worst performers.  

In the UK, the House of Commons SciTech committee has just agreed to review in June which universities and institutes are falling short, and to call their Vice Chancellors before the committee for a public explanation.

For them to do this, and to look at company behaviour too, we need to track, validate and publicise their status for six months, and give this to the committee and to everyone else. This is 6 months of monitoring, analysis, publicity, chasing and reporting. It will cost £32,000. It will be worth it – if we fix the problem in one country fully, people in France, the US, Brazil, Australia, India and everywhere else can start doing the same.

Take a look at how you can help here.

With very best wishes

Tracey Brown & Ben Goldacre

Visit the FDAAA trials tracker and EU CTR tracker tool.