Против OMICS издательства журналов возбуждено дело Торговой комиссией США
(инфо несколько устарела, но истинна)

«You may be interested that the US Federal Trade Commission is suing the OMICS publishing group, along with two affiliated companies and its president and director Srinubabu Gedela. The FTC charges that the publisher deceives authors about its publications, including having editorial boards largely made up of academics unaware they’re listed on the editorial board, performing little or no peer review, not revealing publication fees until after an article is accepted for publication, not allowing researchers to withdraw their publication after submission, calculate their own impact factors and promote them, and state that their journals are indexed in PubMed when they’re not. 
According to Retraction Watch, the FTC confirmed that this is the first FTC lawsuit against an academic journal publisher
As noted here previously, the Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing from WAME, COPE, DOAJ, and OASPA (http://www.wame.org/about/principles-of-transparency-and-best-practice  ) outline the steps that journals can take to ensure that their journal follows best practices and makes that clear to authors.»
Margaret Winker, MD

Secretary and Past President, WAME