Мы уже писали про Theranos — компанию, которая выглядит почти как «научная» и «медицинская», но продает лишь услуги непонятно насколько полезных анализов.

Вот тут (http://osdm.org/blog/2014/08/15/biznes-na-krovi/)

Недавно Джон Леман отшутился по поводу таких деятелей:

“I once sat through a presentation by a Dutch medical entrepreneur in which we were shown the continuous monitoring environment of the future, in which every object around us would tell us about our physiology on a second-by-second basis. Either he had a very dry sense of humour, or he actually wanted this to happen. I think he was wearing some stupid kind of watch which monitors his heart rate, BP, and perhaps arterial oxygen saturation. He looks forward to the day when his lavatory will tell him all sorts of things about his urine and stools. Bring it on. John Ioannidis writes about this burgeoning world of “stealth research” in biomedicine, which is fed on hype, and completely bypasses the truth-seeking, time-consuming processes of real science. As they sow, so let them reap. May they know the exact content of their stools. I prefer my watch just to tell me the time, and to keep a good book handy in the lavatory.”

Василий Власов