The Finnish National Agency for Education EDUFI invites applications from Russian and Ukrainian (post-)graduate students for participation in the 23th Winter School organized during during 4-9 March 2019 at Lammi Biological Station of the University of Helsinki (

The 23rd EDUFI Winter School is multidisciplinary — not for a particular, narrow field of science, but rather for a scientific topic. This time, the school focuses on the human experience of reality and technical advancements that may push the limits of reality beyond the present scope of human senses. Applications from fields such as mathematics, data science, information technology, communication and media sciences, social sciences, psychology, linguistics, biosciences, neuroscience, medicine and pharmacy are welcome.

Before applying for participation in the 23th Winter School, the applicants are expected to contact one or more scientists/research group leaders at Finnish universities to discuss a possible project with them. Expression of interest by the Finnish host will be considered an advantage during the selection process. Those Winter School participants who will be invited to Finland after the Winter School by Finnish research teams will be offered a scholarship from the EDUFI Fellowship programme. The invited participants of the Winter School will be expected to come to work or study in Finland for 3 to 12 months. The monthly amount of scholarship will be 1500 euro in 2018. The scholarship period should begin approx. within two years after the Winter School.

Applications for participation    
Written applications for participation are welcome from applicants who are citizens of Russia or Ukraine and not over 35 years of age. Applications are not accepted from those who have participated in one of the previous Winter Schools.

Application deadline
The deadline for applications is 18 October 2015. The complete online applications should reach the EDUFI by that date.

Financial assistance/grants
No participation fee is charged from the participants. Accommodation in student halls of residence and meals at course site are covered by CIMO. CIMO will also award a travel grant covering partial expense of the participants’ travel between their home town and Helsinki.

The application form and instructions: