Большинство из нас знают о Кокрановском регистре контролируемых испытаний (CENTRAL). Теперь он в новом виде работает лучше, содержит больше информации

но досупен только участникам КС.

Внизу ссылка на вебинар бесплатный.


The CRSO was developed by Metaxis as part of the Cochrane Register of Studies (CRS) Project. It is a real time version of the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL), which until now has only been accessible as part of The Cochrane Library. CRSO is available to Cochrane members only and has lots of great new features to aid the discoverability of evidence for Cochrane reviews.

CRS Online:

·                 Allows searching of CENTRAL records 5-6 weeks before they are available in The Cochrane Library

·                 Provides access to all the words indexed in all records which allows users to see misspellings of words, word variations and errors

·                 Detects words that are drug names and builds search strings from alternative drug names (using DrugBank™)

·                 Checks the ‘real time’ trial status in records from ClinicalTrials.gov and automatically shows this status in the CENTRAL version of these records (only for records with a valid CT.GOV identifier)

·                 Shows an audit trail, including the date a record was created and modified (if available)

·                 Provides a way for users to report errors in CENTRAL records

Access to CRSO is available to any Cochrane author with an Archie login:

If you would like to find out more about the CRSO, please sign-up for one of the following webinars for authors via this Doodle poll: http://doodle.com/nz7capn846imp9dgwc7a6gsr/private

For those not able to attend, one of the webinars will be recorded.

Webinar dates:

Tuesday 11 February 0900 GMT  (40 minutes)

Thursday 13 January 1600 GMT (40 minutes)

Joining the webinar:

Five minutes before the scheduled time, you can join the webinar by going to: https://sas.elluminate.com/d.jnlp?password=1OZY8B2U8MQNAHLBOO27&sid=vclass

·         Enter your name in the field provided, and click the Log In button. The Blackboard Collaborate virtual classroom will be launched in a new window.

·         You may be asked to allow your browser to download files to your computer – please do so.

Preparing for the webinar:

Please note that we will not have time to resolve any technical problems during the webinar. Before the webinar, go to the Blackboard Collaboration Support Portal to check that you have the minimum system requirements.

·         You may be required to install the latest version of Java Web Start (free software) to participate.

·         From this page, you can access a Configuration Room – a test classroom to make sure your connection is working and you have everything you need.

·         In the Configuration Room, you can check your audio settings by going to the Tools menu, and selecting Audio > Audio Setup Wizard.

·         Further information is also available on the Blackboard Collaborate website.